I, Maziar Miri, was born on 1 February 1974 in Darband neighbourhood in Tehran.

I graduated in Film Editing, and started working in Editing Dept of Channel 2 IRIB in 1995. After making a few short films, working as an assistant in the cinema, and editing a few films and serials, I made my first feature film Unfinished Song in 2000, and entered the professional world of filmmaking. In addition to making films in the cinema, I have been making tv series and editing my colleagues’ films during the past few years.
I was elected one of the nine members of Central Council of Directors’ Union by the General Assembly of Iranian Film Directors’ Union for 4 terms, since 2006. Also I'm now serving the Iranian Alliance of Motion Picture Guilds (Khaneh Cinema) as the Deputy of Development and Planning. In 2011, I managed and held the 15th Iranian Feast of Cinema as the president of the Feast.

I married in 1997. Rira is my only daughter whose birth in 2002 gave our life a colour and light beyond the cinema.